When you’re job hunting, having an eye-catching CV can make a great difference between getting to the second interview or get lost on the pile of other CVs. Creating an original CV can give you the little extra that will make you pass the 6-second test and thus get you the interview you were looking for.  Here a some online tools that will help you build your visual resume without any technical skills.




Visual CV is a very simple tool that will help you build a CV with a good layout. You just need to choose a design whatever type of job you are applying to. The design can be changed with just one click and the platform adapts the information to the new template which is very useful if you want a fresh look. You can import your data from LinkedIn or enter them yourself. What is more, VisualCV includes a very useful feature that can track your web CV and provide analytics on which recruiters open yours for example (pro version).

This web service imports your LinkedIn information to transform it on a visual CV. The goal of the company according to its CEO Eugene Woo is to “reinvent the resume by building something more relevant, more visual and more dynamic. One way to do that is by transforming your text resume into an infographic”. The website has now a lot of features: different themes, language maps, experience timeline, skills bubble charts, treemaps and pictograms.  Their efforts to make CVs look less boring and more fun have been rewarded by winning two awards: the “Startup Weekend Toronto” and the “International Startup Festival’s Top Elevator Pitch”

ResumUp helps you create an infographic CV by importing your data from Social Media (LinkedIn or Facebook) or by adding them yourself. You can also choose other templates if you want a “simpler” resume depending on the occasion or the company you are sending it to. If you subscribe, there is a very cool future which will build you a roadmap to your dream job. Indeed, all you need is to enter the professional experience you currently have, and the job you would like to do in the future. Then ResumUp will show you the steps to achieve it by suggesting the kind of job you might need to have and the technology and skills required for the job.

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