A lot of job seekers have been sending for too many CVs and didn’t get any decent results. These 5 job seekers decided to create a CV that could stand out from the crowd and get them hired, and it actually worked for most of them!

1/ The Disguised Portofolio

In order to grab the attention of advertising’s finest creative directors, Casper Christensen and René Schultz, two danish creative designers, disguised their portfolio as a meticulously crafted edition of Lürzer’s Archive, a bi-monthly advertising magazine. Indeed they knew this magazine was read by artistic directors. Moreover each magazine featured the targeted creative director’s work on the front page, to be sure they would look inside the magazine.

Result: They got their first job in the creative industry!

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2/ Google Search



Chris Liu is a young copywriter who created is own website to showcase his work. He called is website liugle.com as he created a Google search page for himself. It includes various links to his LinkedIn profile, his Youtube page or to articles about him.

Result: The Liugle search seems effective as he is currently working as an associate copywriter for AKQA in New-York City. 

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3/ Tote-bag 


 Annaïs Gueyte, a young french girl living in Berlin decided to draw her CV into a tote-bag. As she was looking for a position in the fashion industry, she decided to walk around the Fashion Week.

Result: Unknwon

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4/ Cookie Box



beyond-ideas-box-open_650x400 beyond-ideas-wrap_650x400

Crystal Nunn  applied for a junior designer position at We Are Social in London last August with an original idea. She noticed that We Are Sociale creative director James Nester was also cofounder of Beyond Dark Chocolate, a vegan and gluten free chocolate brand. As she was an avid baker, she decided to prepare a batch of cookies using ingredients from Beyond Dark chocolate that she called “Beyond Ideas,”. She attached her resume and portfolio, and hand-delivered the package in a brown wrapper marked “Urgent.”

Result: She was contacted within an hour for an interview, and finally got hired.

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5/ Monopoly 

CV-Monopoly-02-1024x623-900x548 CV-Monopoly-03-1024x623-900x548 CV-Monopoly-06-1024x623-900x548


Nicolas Garcia, a young student decided to create a Monopoly CV as he was looking for an intern position in Amsterdam. He said “I have played Monopoly a lot during my childhood, and I thought it was a funny media to seduce recruiters”.

Result: Unknown.