When you are job hunting, it can be tough and depressing. The best way to stand out from others candidates and to be sure to be in the « yes » pile, is to have a very good CV. In order to improve your chances to be contacted for a future interview, follow our 5 essential tips.

  1. Make it simple and organized

Recruiters usually spend less than 10 seconds by CV, so it has to be easy for the reader to scan it quickly. Start by dividing your CV in clear categories with a title and keep the text part short: prefer bullet point rather than long paragraphs.

  1. Tailor it

If you have a lot of experiences and have done tons of different jobs, there is no need to list them all. Mention only the work experiences that are relevant for the position you are applying for. Your student job as a waiter in a restaurant might not be relevant for a marketing position. The more you change your CV according to the company you are applying for, the more chance you will have. Try to have a look on the job advert and highlight on your CV the skills they are looking for and that you have.

  1. Quantified results

It’s always a good idea to back up your previous work or associative experiences with numbers. For example if you were dealing with a purchasing project, write what was the budget. If you were volunteer in an association, write how many you were or how much you collected.  If you increased sales on your previous position, write how much you increased it and how much time it took you (15% in 1 year for example).

  1. Use Keywords

Nowadays more and more CV are going through online platform that will scan your CV based on keywords. If you have particular skills mention it, so that recruiters looking for this skill will end up on your CV first. You will find a good list of “buzz words” to use through this link.

  1. Basics

A good writing and grammar are primordial nowadays. Be careful with your typos or you will be seen as careless. In order to be sure, ask someone else to double-check what you have written. Last but not least, never lie on your CV, it will backfire on you either at the interview stage or when you start working.
Good luck for your future interviews!

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