In order to succeed your next job interview, the only way is to prepare yourself. There are different steps in preparing a job interview, however they can sometimes be a bit boring. So why not try another approach with something much more fun: TED Talks! Here are 5 wonderful talks that will help you prepare your next job interview!

Your body language shapes who you are

Probably one of the best TED talks we have seen so far at Beepjob! It is common knowledge that our body language influences the way people perceive us think about us. What is less known is that our body language also influences the way we perceive ourselves, so our bodies can change our minds. So according to Amy Cuddy, high-power poses can make you feel more confident especially during evaluative situations or social treats situations such as job interviews. 

What I learned from 32 grueling interviews

In this video, Ashwini Mrinal Bhagat shares with us her experience on how she landed he first job. It took her 32 interviews to get her first job, and she took notes on all the stories she went through. It is actually really interesting to listen to her anecdotes for various reasons. She mentioned a few dos and don’ts that might be very helpful during your own interview. However the most interesting thing is the power that these anecdotes compared to simple explanations. Thus you should use real-life memories during your interview to amplify the point you are making, instead of just saying “I’m a good team-leader” for example.

Be an opportunity maker

Kare Anderson starts her talk by the following sentence: ““I grew up diagnosed as phobically shy”. However according to her, this fear can be overcome thanks to our capacity to connect around each other better side and bring it out. According to her, “each one of you (us) is better than anybody else at something”.  This is an opportunity for everyone to be contact with people really different from you and to show the world what you are able to do. So you need to think about job interview as an opportunity to meet different people and different way of thinking rather than something intimating.

How to speak so that people want to listen

There are numbers of habits we need to move away from if we want people to listen carefully to what we are saying such as negativity, complaining, excuses, or dogmatism. These elements are really useful especially when you are sharing your experiences with the interviewer.
There are also different foundations that we can stand on, if we want our speech to be powerful.  For example  you can use your voice to show different emotions such as excitement or power, which is useful stuff when you’re showing a recruiter why he should hire you.

The power of introverts

In our society of social networking and connectivity, extroverts are often seen as leaders and introverts are being neglected, when half of people on the planet are … introverts! So the question is: why don’t we hear them more?  Even if team work is very important, our current society doesn’t let enough freedom to introverts to be themselves and thus  express with their one feelings or solutions. So whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, this talk will be eye opening. It can help you work more successfully with your coworkers or be proud of your introversion and actually use it right. 

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