You are currently studying and you have to do an internship. After weeks of hard research, hundreds of CV’s and cover letters sent, you finally found the internship you were looking for. However succeed and take advantage of this experience is something much more difficult. Internships are unavoidable this days in order to get some experience before entering the job market. It’s the most efficient way to help young students become familiar with the professional world. In order to make this experience a success, here are some great tips:

1) Define your goals and expectations before starting

Before starting to look for a internship, define goals regarding what you are looking for both professionally and personally. This step will help you find the company which best meets your expectations. Before contacting the companies you are interested in, make sure that the internships they are offering are matching your university requirements.

2) Know what are your right and duties as an intern

After finding information on the company, you need to know more about your right and duties. It’s vital to ensure that your internship is in line with the government standards. Follow this link to get informed about your rights.

3) Be humble

During the interview stage and the internship, don’t underestimate everyone, it will only upset your colleagues. You might be more competent on some particular topics compared to other employees, but remember that none of them will want to learn from an intern.

4) Get to know the company culture and the other employees

To fit in easily within the company, have a chat with the employees and try to have good relationship with everyone. Try to follow their codes and habits and most importantly the way they are working.

5) Impress your supervisor

When you finish the tasks that you were assigned, don’t hesitate to ask your supervisor for another mission. You can also make some proposals and take initiatives that will show your investment. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as well, because they will demonstrate that you have a real interest for the company.

6) Get involved in your tasks

You should not take your internship too lightly. Try your best to finish everything that you have been assigned on time and follow the guidelines that your supervisor gave you.

7) Be on time, decent and polite

Little details like being on time, the way you dress or your manners are very important. It shows you esteem for the internship, your supervisor and the other employees.

8) Do not neglect your internship report

At the end of your internship, you will have to present your internship report to you supervisor and your university. Don’t forget to take notes on what you do and see otherwise you might have a memory lapse when writing it.