On the heels of its 4th anniversary, Beepjob has unveiled a refreshed brand identity. The popular job board with more than 1 million registered job seekers in France and 235,000 in the UK revealed its new design and services.

A new responsive website


multi devices

The explosion of smartphones use has created a massive audience of potential job-seekers to address. As a consequence, Beepjob has developed a completely responsive website, which will be accessible on every device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

A complete recruitment management software


Applicant Management Systeù


With this new website version, Beepjob includes a real hiring management software to help SME’s streamline their recruitment process. Beepjob is one of the first job board to include such services in France and in the UK. New features will progressively be integrated along the 2016 year through intern development and strategic partnership with innovative HR startups.

bannière new version

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Custom solutions for key accounts

Aside from SME’s Beepjob also focused its development on large companies with a particular focus on employer branding. Key account will be able to feed their career page with a news, videos, and pictures in order to show potential candidates a picture of the company culture and the employer brand.