In order to succeed your next job interview, the only way is to prepare yourself. There are different steps in preparing a job interview, and one of them is to plan your answers ahead of time so that you don’t panic when the time comes. We already wrote a first article where we selected for you 5 common job interview questions and tried to suggest leads on how to answer them. Here is a second one with 5 more job interview questions!

1) Tell me about a professional accomplishment you are proud of

You need to carefully choose this example as it will give the recruiter an idea of the value you could bring to the company. Start by giving the context and the task you were asked to complete (example: “In my last job as …, I was asked to do …. ). Then give a detailed explanation of what you actually did to complete this task. Finish by providing the outcomes of your actions. Make sure to provide some quantitative data to underline your results (example: “By doing X and Y, I have been able to increase the company’s turnover by 12% between January and November”).

2) What other companies are you interviewing with?

One rule is to avoid stating that it’s the only company you applied to or the only one you got an interview from except if it is a very specific job. Indeed it will reduce your credibility and leverage for the salary negotiations. The best option is to say that you applied to a number of similar positions within companies from the same industry or requiring similar skills. Don’t mention too many highly respected companies as the recruiter might think that you are either lying or “to good” for his/her company. 

3) How would your co-workers describe you?

Recruiters will ask you this question in order to know whether you can fit in a team of coworkers and what are your relationships with your colleagues. There is no perfect answer to this question and it will mostly depend on the type of job, your personality and the interviewer. Here are some qualities you can mention: trustworthy, dependable, willing to help whenever it’s needed, easy-going, hard-working, sense of humor …

4) What are your salary expectations for this role?

This question is really tricky and requires some good negotiation skills.  Most people think that being too aggressive might make the recruiter walk away, so they prefer playing it safe. Studies actually show that being aggressive can be a really good tactic to get the deal you want. In order to do so, start by determining a realistic target salary using Payscale and Glassdoor, which would be your best case outcome!  You should always have this number in mind during the negotiation. Make a first offer, slightly higher than your target salary,  mentioning that you are flexible. It will give the company room for negotiation if your expectations are higher than what the company is willing to pay you. 

5) Do you have any questions?

Make sure you prepared some questions to ask the recruiter otherwise your application might be eliminated. Indeed it shows the recruiter your motivation and your interest for the job he is offering, and eventually make you stand out from the crowd! It can also be a great way to know more about how things work in the company. 

  • First, you can ask a question that will help you for the rest of the interview such as “Which qualities are essential to succeed in the company?” You will discover what the recruiter expects from the candidate and it will avoid you a tricky question to answer.  
  • Questions on the company are also usually a “safe bet”. It shows you took the time to make some research on the company and that you are interested. Some examples:
    1/ I have read that you just developed a new product/service. What are your ambitions?
    2/ Will there be any form of training provided?
    3/ What a typical day in the company looks like?

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