As a hiring professional candidate experience is getting more and more important. Indeed in today’s battle for talent, candidates are not the only ones who need to sell themselves anymore. There are high chances that the candidate you are interviewing is not taking interviews only with your company.  Thus companies now have to set themselves apart from the competition by providing a positive candidate experience. Moreover the candidate experience also influences brand image and customer loyalty. According to the candidate experience report 2014, 98% of the candidates who had a positive candidate experience would refer others to the organization, 88% would increase their purchases with this company and 50% of them would share it on social networks. So companies have everything to gain by focusing on improving their candidate experience.

Put yourself in the candidate shoes

When designing your recruitment process it’s imperative to think about it from the candidate perspective. The candidate experience has to remain in the center of the process on every step of the way. Ask some colleagues to take part on a little role play where they would be candidates and ask them for feedback on each step of the process.

Work on your employer branding

The candidate experience starts during the job hunting phase, when the future applicant is looking at job adverts. Your website and job adverts have to be attractive, show how things are working in the company and clearly explain how the recruitment process would be like. In this way candidates will have an honest view of the company and will know what to expect from the start. Indeed company often fail to establish realistic expectations, which leads candidates to create their own ones, that the company often won’t meet.

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Communication is a very important step of the candidate experience from replying to unqualified candidate to providing feedbacks after an interview. More than half of online applications never receive any kind of answer. Even an automated email is better than nothing when dispositioning unqualified candidates. Regarding feedback after an interview, only 19% of the interviewee reported having received one. However qualified candidate are much likely to receive a non-automated message which is much more appreciated. Indeed it makes the candidates feel more valued and respected.

Ask for feedback

Companies have to seek for candidates’ feedback on their hiring process even the ones that they don’t hire. It helps keeping the process evolving depending on current trends and how the company succeed to meet the candidates’ expectations.