LinkedIn has released, in its 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report, a study on top priorities for talent acquisition leaders. They asked approximately 4,000 of them around the world what they consider to be the most important priority for their organization in 2016. Unsurprisingly, top talent recruitment, engagement and retention are currently the main topics of interest in human ressources.  However some trends continue to grow in 2016, such as job changes, talent shortage, or the need of specific skills that are hard to find. Thus HR department have a great role to play, as they need to develop a human ressource strategy that will be aligned with the business strategy. Here are some tips for recruiters on how to try to meet these priorities in 2016:

1. Recruiting highly skilled talent

39% of respondents listed high skilled talent recruitment as their top priority for 2016. Indeed with the current global skills shortage, having the best people in your organization is absolutely essential for success, but recruiters need to work hard to attract and hire them.

In order to attract the best talent, you need to explore different recruiting strategies than the ones you are traditionally using. Among different techniques, reaching passive candidates can be pretty effective to find the right talent for your company. We previously did an article on X-ray search techniques, that could be really useful in this case.  

2. Employee retention

32% of respondents listed employee retention as their top priority. This topic is clearly a rising trend for HR professionals, as companies are realizing that the hard work put to bring best talent might be completely unproductive if these people don’t stick around for long in the company

As a consequence, companies are investing a lot to provide employees with the best work conditions and to make them feel part of the company. There are different practical applications that can be used to increase employee motivation. Start by providing training to your employees, it will increase their motivation, but also their skills which could actually be useful for the company as well. Performance rewards are also a great factor of retention, through salary increase and promotions but also through daily life actions such as thank you notes. Finally bring some fun to your employees and pay attention to the working environment. (See our top 10 coolest offices in the UK).

For more information on this topic, see our article: 5 tips to increase employee motivation.

3. Improving quality of hire

26% of respondents said this will be their top priority for 2016. This one might be tougher to meet as there are no metrics to accurately measure the quality of hire. 

A LinkedIn influencer called Lou Adler wrote a really interesting article on how to track and improve quality of hire. Improving candidate experience is the key to making quality hires. You can read our article on How to improve candidate experience.