On today’s job market it’s more and more difficult to stand out from other candidates, this is why job seekers are taking a particular attention to their CV and cover letter when sending their application.  Some candidates are even exaggerating their role and achievements in their previous work to get the employer’s attention.

Jeff Scardino, a senior advertising executive chose the opposite way, and sent a CV with his biggest failures, missed honors and non-skills to 10 companies. He wrote about his inability to remember names, to be on time, or to take notes during meetings and even about his romantic failures during his junior year at University. Here is Scardino’s “relevant resume”:

the relevant résumé - jeff scardino

He also applied to the same companies with his actual CV and cover letter, and the results are pretty amazing. He received only 1 answer and got no meeting request, while his completely honest CV got him 8 answers and 5 meeting requests!

The following video sums up his results:

Would you be able to be as honest as Jeff Scardino on your own job applications?

Source: Business Insider