LinkedIn has become the number one professional social network with more than 350 million users. It’s a great platform to advertise yourself and can be very useful for a job search. LinkedIn is also the first step of any recruiter or business associate to evaluate you as candidate or future partner. Even if you are already registered you might not use the website to its full potential. Here are some tips to improve your profile but also some tricks which will allow you to say that you are mastering LinkedIn!

Optimize your profile:

  1. Start by adding basic information:  your current and past positions, your education, and skills.
    FACT: Profiles with education get 10x more visits on average
  2. Add a professional profile picture. Your profile has way more chance of getting noticed with a picture. Remember that when users are searching for you or discover your profile, your picture is the first thing they see. So you have to make sure that you photo reflects who you are as a professional.
    FACT: Adding a profile picture could result in 14x more visits
  3. Write your summary. This step is very important, because it sums up all your professional experiences as well as your qualities and expectations. You will find great summary templates in this article. Remember to also add documents or links that can back up your story.
  4. Optimize your headline. It’s composed of 120 characters so it has to be short and catchy! Don’t forget to use keywords related to the industry you are working in. Indeed adding keywords to your headline that you want to be associated with will improve your visibility on LinkedIn and even on Google!
    Tony Restell
  5. Add projects. You can add some projects (or sample of these projects) to your profile so that employers can see the quality of your job. This tip applies especially if you are a freelancer or a consultant.
  6. Add skills and get endorsed. Add every professional skills you have and place the most important ones at the top. Then ask your network to endorse you for your skills. This step is crucial as, the more endorsements you have for a specific skill, the more chance you will have to be well ranked in the search results when someone is looking for this skill.
    FACT: Adding a profile picture could result in 10x more visits
  7. Customize your URL. By default your URL is full of numbers which can be pretty confusing. Click here to get an URL which looks like this:
  8. Join Groups. Join groups related to your industry or niche and try to be as active as possible in a few of them. This will get your profile noticed by other industry contacts and it will also allow you to extant your network and reach people you couldn’t before
    FACT: If you join and are active in groups, your profile is 5x more likely to get noticed

Unlimited Profile Search

If you use LinkedIn on a regular basis you must have noticed the commercial use limit on search that LinkedIn has started to apply in January 2015. Each month LinkedIn calculates your number of searches until your reached their limit. However thanks to X-ray search techniques on Google, the LinkedIn searches remain unlimited! X-ray search is the process of targeting a specific website or domain (like LinkedIn) with a search engine (like Google)  to search for keywords. Some programs have been designed to make this search easier.

Recruit’em is a pretty powerful one.



Click here for more information on X-ray searches

Who viewed your profile ?

It can sometimes be really frustrating for LinkedIn users who that don’t have a premium account not to know who viewed their profile. For or a free account, you’ll only be able to see the most recent 5 viewers in the last 90 days.

For Google Chrome users here is the solution: Profile Views extension!


Profiles Views saves every individual that viewed your LinkedIn profile for an unlimited time. Every contact is saved, so you will be able to know who visited your profile and when even if it was more than 3 months ago.

Search anonymously


Whether it’s an old university  rival or your new boss, it’s natural to want to delve a little deeper into someone’s professional past. However, LinkedIn’s default settings notify users when someone looks at their profiles, and you might not want this person to know you are visiting his/her profile. So here is how to search completely anonymously on LinkedIn:

  1. Click on the small profile picture the top right corner
  2. Click on “privacy settings”
  3. Click on “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile”

what others see